Using QKD for Data Center Security​

What was the project about? ​

Data centers are of increasing importance for society in general and particularly the financial sector, and the needs for security and privacy of the data stored are more imperative than ever. A prime use case anticipated for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is for data encryption in the context of data center synchronization. In this project, researchers at DTU together with KPMG and Danske Bank conducted a feasibility study of the practical implementation of QKD systems in data centers and analyze the value creation in terms of both data security and market potential. In the project Danske Banks data centers were used, but the output of the project will be relevant for data centers and stakeholders in general in assessing the need/opportunity for implementing QKD. ​

The conclusion of the feasibility study is, that while QKD can grant the strongest form of data confidentiality possible as of today, the practical costs and challenges of deploying the technology are also fairly considerable. However, both the scientific community and industry is working towards lowering costs, improving the performance, and engaging in standardization, so deploying QKD in the near future can be expected to become more affordable and useful. ​

The researchers believe that QKD can take a role somewhere between being an advertising tool to an actual differentiator that ensures crypto-agility. In either case, an exploration of this technology is a strongly recommended activity.​

The project was supported by the Danish Innovation Fund building on the Grand Solution project CryptQ.​

Host Institution(s):​

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)​

Principal Investigator:​

Ulrich Busk Hoff, DTU Physics​


Danske Bank and KPMG​


200.000 DKK​

Project period:


Project outcomes

QKD for data center security study

Quantum key distribution for data center security- a feasibility study can be downloaded here


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