Strategic Projects

We support new financial technologies with potential to shape the future, by creating connections throughout all levels of industry - from start-ups to financial institutions, research organizations, governments, NGOs and individuals who want to make a difference.

By connecting changemakers within the industry, we foster a thriving innovation ecosystem. We support every step of the development process with tailored offerings, with great success stories of scaled solutions at international level.

National Position of Strength Programme for “Finans & Fintech” (2021-2024)

Strong companies through innovation, digitalization, and green transition

Copenhagen Fintech receives support from the Danish Business Promotion Board, and the European Fund for Regional Development – to support the competitiveness of SMEs, thus fostering growth and job creation in an industry of utmost importance to Denmark - 'Finance and Fintech'. We focus on:

  • Scaling Danish financial technological solutions internationally through partnerships.
  • Maintaining and developing the cluster's community/network (communication, events, etc.) to strengthen access to innovation collaborations, new knowledge, and business opportunities.
  • Further developing Denmark's strength position regarding "sustainable digitalization and the green transition" by emphasizing the critical role played by the combination of the established financial sector and fintech in this transformation.

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