Responsible Digital Leadership in the Financial Sector​

What was the project about?​

The Initiative on Responsible Digital Leadership in the Financial Sector is a project designed to identify and describe ethical dilemmas related to use of technology and processing of data (data management and analytics, use of algorithmic tools, AI/ML). ​

Globally, more efforts are being made to understand and manage the risks related to the use of algorithmic tools and tech in business operations, including the development of governance and guidelines. These efforts need to be supplemented by an increased focus on developing ethical and responsible tech-use culture, and on training for industry professionals, teams, and larger organizations.​

A Dilemma Library is a relevant platform designed to further educated dialogue in organizations. The Dilemma Library will serve as a basis for competence development, as well as development of a culture of responsible innovation. Based on these collected dilemmas, we will research/explore how transdisciplinary research, in combination with experience and knowledge from learning companies, may support the strategic and operational approach to governance of AI development and deployment.​

Host Institution(s):​

Stanford University​

Principal Investigator:​

Søren Juul Jørgensen, Center for Human Rights and International Justice ​


200.000 DKK​

Project period:


Project outcomes

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