Private Banking for Everyone

What is the project about?

The purpose of the project is twofold: How to better match clients to advisors and enabling semi-automatic reporting. The project will build on business processes and data from the Danish company Penly. ​

Our mission is to contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal of reducing economic inequality across age and gender. Therefore, Penlys tools are accessible to everyone and independent of banks and other financial institutions​.

Matching client to advisor

In the world of financial dynamics, clients and advisors are like puzzle pieces, each with unique needs and varying levels of expertise. Some advisors naturally click with specific client groups, offering a tailored fit that goes beyond mere knowledge transfer. The twist? The most seasoned advisors may not align with clients seeking clarity over extensive knowledge.

This project aims to decipher whether we can categorize clients into a handful of groups with just a few key data points. The endgame is to develop an algorithm seamlessly running alongside a digital onboarding phase, intuitively pairing clients with their ideal advisors. To ensure precision, a feedback mechanism will fine-tune the algorithm over time. It's a narrative of exploration, seeking the sweet spot where clients and advisors perfectly sync.

Semi-automatic reporting

Upon assigning a client to an advisor an initial interview is conducted to find the specific needs of the client. Building on the initial categorization from step 1 and insights gathered in the first meeting, an advisor is guided with a pre-customized report template. This tailored template suggests vital topics, shaping discussions and decisions in subsequent meetings.

Host Institution(s):

University of Copenhagen​

Principal Investigators:

Rolf Poulsen, Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences​




200.000 DKK​

Project Period



Material will be posted upon completion of the project​

Project outcomes


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