A Web3 Sovereign Nation-State

What is the project about?

This project explores one of the most recent and fascinating topics driven by the evolution of blockchain-based fintech: the creation of network states, based on crypto-economic systems, which is strategic emerging agenda founded in cybernetics and complex systems operated by distributed ledger technologies, accelerated by fintech innovations, open-source and developments in the DLT/blockchain-based crypto-economies.​

More specifically the project will explore the dimensions of the nation-state in a web3+ format and research practices and preconditions for nation-states in both web2 (traditional world), web3, and also look towards DAOs on topics of decentralization, autonomy, and governance, extrapolating the findings to nation-states as relates to political science, administration, and fiscal, but extending to crypto disciplines such as complex systems engineering,  cybernetics, management science, economic principal agents theory, finance, law and technology, crypto-economic systems and more, as nation-states are complex and multidisciplinary. ​

It is the aim of the partners to deliver sufficient academic evidence to motivate a broader academic research agenda as relates web3 based nation-states, which they call the ‘web4’, the next iteration of decentralized, autonomous organizations operating in cyberspace with affiliations across geographies and cultures, but with common affinity and purpose as a networked community.​

Host Institution(s):

Copenhagen University​

Principal Investigators:

Henrik Axelsen, Ph.D, Department of Computer Science​


Reality+ and Doercircle​


200.000 DKK​

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