Hybrid Intelligence in the Fintech Industry

What was the project about?​

In this project researchers from Aarhus University focused on how to combine human expert knowledge combined with the data analysis and automation power of AI algorithms. Humans and AI build a socio-technical ensemble where both agents complement each other with their unique strengths and learn and evolve together – also called “Hybrid Intelligence” (HI). HI is thus a human-centered AI approach that promises higher impact and higher success rates of AI development and deployment projects not only but especially in the Fintech industry. ​

To demonstrate the benefits of using HI the researchers expanded on existing corporate prototype collaborations both within and outside Fintech and identified three new cases:​

  • CASE 1: Online payment systems (in collaboration with Pensopay)​
  • CASE 2: Semi-autonomous investment decisions (in collaboration with Vencortex)​
  • CASE 3: Business process remodeling of digital customer relations management (in collaboration with Esoft). ​

Key learnings and results in the project was the positive impact of creating psychological safe spaces where employees can voice their fears, frustrations and hopes about the integration of AI in their work flows and demonstrating that an Hybrid Intelligence narrative can influence perceptions of future development scenarios. In the Esoft case the researchers proposed the concept of a HI data dashboard as well as an HI chatbot focused on building positive relations with customers rather than presenting options with overconfidence.​

Host Institution(S):​

Aarhus University​

Principal Investigator:​

Jacob Friis Sherson, Center for Hybrid Intelligence, Dep. of Management, AU​


Pensopay A/S, Esoft A/S and Vencortex UG​


200.000 DKK​

Project period:

1.1.22-31.12.22 and 1.1.24-31.12.24

Project outcomes

The hybrid intelligence systems development guide. Download here


A Multi-Dimensional Development and Deployment Framework for Hybrid Intelligence. Find here


Explore the CHI-bot to learn more about AU's Center for Hybrid Intelligence. Find here


Ask Jacob (nearly) anything about his latest paper:

A Hybrid Intelligence Approach to Training Generative Design Assistants: Partnership Between Human Experts and AI Enhanced Co-Creative Tools. Find here


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