High Assurance Cryptographic Software and Smart Contracts

What is the project about?

Cryptographic Software drives the internet, web3 and many other service and trillions of kroner depend on it working correctly. But bugs in cryptographic implementations opens up to the possibility to `print money’ (create crypto-coins) or steal hundreds of billions of kroners from smart contracts (small programs running on a blockchain). This is why high assurance cryptographic software (HACS) is used in prominent projects, like the major browsers and the Linux kernel. ​

HACS is an emerging research field between academia and industry and it is the aim of the partners in this project to advance HACS, specifically for applications in Fintech (blockchain), but also more widely to work on formal methods for the rust programming language, as this language is being used as a smart contract language by many blockchains.​

Several private partners will contribute to the project and advance HACS by:​

  • Contributing to the open source library​
  • Developing a framework to ensure the quality of rust computer programs​
  • Developing joint best practices for certified smart contracts, especially focusing on the rust language​

Host Institution(s):

Aarhus University​

Principal Investigators:

Bas Spitters​


Concordia, Partisia, Cryspen and Banshie​


200.000 DKK​

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