Dissemination and Visualization of Risk Profiles​

What was the project about? ​

There are many examples of the failure of the individual understanding of risk and probability when activating their savings.​

The potential for improving the saving patterns for retailbanking savers are large and initial analysis suggests that it would bepossible to help 1/3 of this segment to accumulate wealth in a way that wouldmatch their holistic risk profile better than at present and hence help thesegment accumulate more wealth over time.​

The project will use machine learning​ to be able to disseminate and visualize risk profiles the project will focus on two perspectives:

  1. The understanding of overall risk profile and
  2. Change in the risk profile to the benefit of the user​

Because of the above the user should be offered the chance to change to a new risk profile and we will hence work will the communicationaround in changing the risk profile.​



Host Institution(s):​

Copenhagen University​

Principal Investigator:​

Mogens Steffensen, Professor, Department of MathematicalScience


Dreamplan and Datasolvr​


200.000 DKK​

Project Period


Project outcomes

Master’s thesis "Calibration of risk aversion to real asset allocations in personal finances" by Jens-Philip Dehn-Toftehøj can be downloaded here