AI Supported Regulatory Compliance (AI4sure)​

What was the project about? ​


The central hypothesis of AI4sure is that one of the key limitations of the current regulatory​ technologies is that they do not effectively support the human knowledge work processes required for compliance work and supervisory authorities, e.g., the interpretation of legal requirements and the organizational transformation of work processes. ​

The hypothesis is that this limitation can be overcome by making the regulatory technologies​ developed for knowledge work in project available for the financial sector. While EcoKnow is targeting the public sector, the technology supports digitalization of regulations and work processes in other domains, and Infoventure who is partner in EcoKnow already have customers in the financial domain. ​

The technologies and methods can be employed and embedded in solutions developed by the​ growing number of FinTech and RegTech companies in Denmark. Thereby helping to ensure a digital advantages and a Danish digital lead in the Fintech and RegTech market.​



Host Institution(s):​

Copenhagen University​

Principal Investigator:​

Thomas Hildebrandt, Professor, Department of Computer Science​


DCR Solutions and Infoventure​


200.000 DKK​

Project period:


Project outcomes

Nikolaus Alexander Schrack, Ruixiang Cui, Hugo A. Lo ́pez, and Daniel Hershcovich. “Can AMR Assist Legal and Logical Reasoning?” In: Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2022. Find here​

EcoKnow: Final conference - IT University of Copenhagen. Find here


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