Copenhagen Fintech and Danske Bank Look Beyond Banking with New Partnership

November 26, 2023
Copenhagen Fintech and Danske Bank Look Beyond Banking with New Partnership Copenhagen Fintech and Danske Bank Look Beyond Banking with New Partnership

Copenhagen Fintech (CPHFT) is proud to announce a new partnership with Danske Bank (DB). Together, the partners will support the development and adoption of digital solutions to improve the experiences of being a homebuyer and a homeowner.

The partnership aims to look beyond banking by facilitating a Proof of Concept (PoC) process between Danske Bank and a selected startup(s), to eliminate any obstacles DB customers might face within their housing journeys.

For the process, Danske Bank is looking for tech entrepreneurs with proven solutions to help conceptualize the next generation of services making it not only easier and attractive to purchase a home, but also to design and manage the property, and ultimately safeguard its valuation

Copenhagen Fintech’s existing partnership with Danske Bank has laid the groundwork for further innovative collaboration.  

“Large organizations are looking at developing solutions that can create seamless, convenient and personalized journeys for their customers that go beyond their core offering. With startups being an important source of innovation in today's fast-paced financial world, we are now taking our long-term partnership with Danske Bank to the next level. Together, we aim to boost new innovation streams by connecting Danske Bank with the most relevant startup solutions that will enable new customer journeys within the area of housing” – Andrei Anghel, Head of Programs at Copenhagen Fintech.

“We are thrilled to elevate our collaboration with the largest Nordic Fintech center, fostering new innovation in partnership with relevant startups. We seek commercial partnerships to enhance the experience and reduce friction of purchasing a new home and being a homeowner. Alongside Copenhagen Fintech, we eagerly anticipate discovering and collaborating with the most promising startups." – Alexander Kressner, Head of Strategy, Insights & Partnerships.

Over the next 5 months, both parties will be working on a Partnership Fast Track, which will accelerate startups towards a PoC process with Danske Bank, to address the above challenge area.

The process will include scouting for relevant startups, interviews, a startup-corporate engagement workshop, and will culminate in a PoC kickstarting event.

About the partners:

Copenhagen Fintech is a non-profit, award-winning innovation hub founded in 2016 in Denmark, with the mission to foster innovation within the financial sector, by building a thriving fintech ecosystem.

Danske Bank is Denmark's largest bank and financial group. The bank serves private customers, small and large companies as well as institutional customers. The bank's core market is Denmark, Sweden and Finland, where all types of customers are served.

For more information on the partnership, reach out to:
Copenhagen Fintech: Barbara Švigová