Copenhagen Fintech partnership with Concordium

July 3, 2023
Copenhagen Fintech partnership with ConcordiumCopenhagen Fintech partnership with Concordium

Copenhagen Fintech and Concordium forge strategic partnership to propel Blockchain Innovation in the financial sector

Next-generation decentralized blockchain platform Concordium, and fintech innovation hub Copenhagen Fintech are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership to tackle untapped opportunities within the blockchain space.

The financialsector is beginning to recognize and understand the remarkable use caseof blockchain networks. From an ecosystem perspective, both organizationsrecognize that there is room to drive transformative success stories within thistechnology.

The partnership will be focused on exploring financial case-studies and opportunities using the Concordium Blockchain by conducting hackathons, industry case-focused masterclasses and research projects. Concordium will also bepresent with keynotes and panelists on the topic in the upcoming Nordic Fintech Week.

“Copenhagen Fintech has consistently attracted some of the most brilliant minds in the blockchain realm, such as Chainalysis and Reality+. With Concordium, we are envisioning a partnership that will connect changemakers within the ecosystem to the sharpest leading blockchain solutions.” – says Simon Schou, Head of Innovation at Copenhagen Fintech.
"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Concordium! As the blockchain space continues to grow and evolve, we are excited to have a partner onboard who shares our passion for innovation and has the expertise and capacity to help the fintech startups in the blockchain space grow and thrive. With Concordium’s support, we look forward to exploring new opportunities and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting and rapidly changing field.” – adds Marie-Louise Roth, Head of Partnerships & Corporate Innovation


Concordium, renowned for its pioneering efforts in testing and implementing blockchain use cases, holds tremendous potential to reshape the future of the financial industry.

“We are eagerly looking forward to witnessing the innovative solutions that emerge from this partnership, and we encourage Copenhagen Fintech’s partners and members to seize this opportunity to explore future use cases alongside Concordium.” – says Torben Kaaber, Head of Commercial at Concordium.


 About Copenhagen Fintech:

Copenhagen Fintech is a non-profit, certified* innovation hub founded in 2016 in Denmark, with the mission to foster innovation within the financial sector, by building a thriving fintech ecosystem. We support new financial technologies with potential to shape the future, by creating connections throughout all levels of industry - from start-ups to financial institutions, research organisations, governments, NGOs and individuals who want to make a difference. By connecting changemakers within the industry, we foster a thriving innovation ecosystem. We support every step of the development process with tailored offerings, with great success stories of scaled solutions at international level.

*ECEI GOLD Label “Excel in Cluster Excellence” in August 2022, certification is granted by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis(ESCA)


About Concordium:

As the only layer-1 blockchain with a built-in ID framework, Concordium is a science-based proof-of-stake chain using zero-knowledge proofs to usher in a brand new era of trust for Web3. With instant finalized transactions, low EUR (or FIAT) pegged fees, and leadership experience at companies like Volvo, IKEA, Credit Suisse, Uber and Saxo Bank, it was designed to have real-world utility and specifically benefit business applications. By balancing privacy with accountability, Concordium bridges the gap between the world as we know it and the one of tomorrow: one built by modern pioneers on a trustworthy, secure, and highly efficient blockchain intended for true global adoption.