The 3rd Nordic Fintech research symposium 2022

Our 3rd Nordic Fintech Symposium will bring together the world's top fintech researchers, giving you access to groundbreaking research directly applicable to companies in the industry.
Historically, inventions and innovation have always been rooted in deep research knowledge and the Nordic Fintech Symposium will make sure that fintech industry leaders and top researchers together can collaborate to make sure we build greater things, to provide as much societal value as possible in the shortest possible time.

Anyone with an interest within the area of valuable business applications with strong research behind it is guaranteed benefit by joining us this day. Join us in a true paradise for researchers' created business applications in the astounding and historic Celebration Hall at University of Copenhagen.

New business models, sustainable finance and capital market

Lars Ohnemus (Copenhagen Business School)
Marc Steffen Rapp (Marburg Centre for Institutional Economics)
Thorbjørn Lundholm Dahl (Danske Bank)
Thomas Ritter (Copenhagen Business School)

Panel debate: A case DLT to create a green financing path to Net-Zero

Thomas Krogh Jensen (Copenhagen Fintech)

Simon Haldrup (Agreena)
Fritz Henglein (Deon Digital)
Lars Henningsen (Danish FSA)
Søren Andresen (BEC Financial Technologies)
Christian Thygesen (Capital Market Partners A/S)
Henrik Axelsen (University of Copenhagen)

Is fintech a new sector or just technology for an existing sector?
Romeo V. Turcan (Aalborg University Business School)

Challenges and opportunities enabled by new regulation; how can
regulation enable business models?

Alexandra Andhov (University of Copenhagen)

Contract specification for finance
Fritz Henglein (Deon Digital & University of Copenhagen)

Descending from the Ivory Tower: My adventures in Fintech
Rolf Poulsen (University of Copenhagen)

Quantum Computing, opportunities and challenges for finance
Matthias Christiandl (University of Copenhagen)

Smart contract verification for DeFi
Danil Annenkov (Concordium)

When is a DAO sufficiently decentralized
Henrik Axelsen (University of Copenhagen)
Omri Ross (University of Copenhagen & eToro)

Money in future payments
Jonas Hedman (Copenhagen Business School)