The 2nd Nordic Fintech research symposium 2021

We are at a desperate moment of transformation in the world that requires all parts of society, companies, academia to move together, completely aligned toward a shared goal. Solutions and ideas are already out there, with technology as a driver for sustainability with everyone included and financial innovation presenting a significant opportunity that goes beyond its impact on financial services firms. Done well, the process of financial innovation can bring significant benefits to our broader society (Mention, 2012) for generations to come.

The 2nd research symposium focused on the urgency of financial innovation and its impact. As a participant at this symposium, you took part in an eye-opening session with research and inspiration from across the world. You experienced highlightsand talks from national and international researchers who shared their research and inspired the way we meet tomorrow’s challenges. From conservation finance innovation and community inclusion currencies to data ethics, developing an ethical and responsible tech-use culture through a dilemma library, blockchain for next generation digitisation and insights on emerging fintech: Towards a collaborative platform for creating preferred futures.

The Age of FinTech: Implications for Research, Policy and Practice (See video)
Anne-Laure Mention (RMIT University)

Nature is the Next Wave

Simon Zadek (Chair Finance for Biodiversity Initiative)

Financing Urban Forests, beyond Carbon. Can research-led Carbon Fintech help bridge the gap between climate targets and Nature-based Solutions delivery?
Carlotta Conte-Billant (Dark Matter Labs)

Smart financial instruments
Fritz Henglein (University of Copenhagen & Deon Digital)

Responsible Digital Leadership project at Stanford University. Making a Dilemma Library for learning
Søren Juul Jørgensen (Stanford University)

Transforming Communities through Financial inclusion using e-Voucher
Rosemary Okello-Orlale (Africa Media Hub Strathmore Business School)

Emerging Fintech: Towards a collaborative platform for creating preferred futures

Michell Zappa (Envisioning)

Making Fintech inclusive- understanding why and how
Dr. Poornima Luthra (Copenhagen Business School, TEDxSpeaker & Corporate Trainer)

Blockchain for next generation digitisation
Roman Beck (IT University of Copenhagen & the European Blockchain Center)