SME: Fintech Project 2021-23

Can fintech startups; being agile and born digital, help other Danish SMEs to kick-start digitalisation and thereby increase productivity and competitiveness?​

The advantage of fintech solutions is that they are often relatively easy and cheap to implement. At the same time, they provide faster returns in relation to, for example, investment in robot technology or product innovation. Therefore, fintech solutions are an obvious place to look when SMEs need a good start with digital transformation.​

Fintech is a collective term for digital solutions such as financial transactions or administrative processes associated with finance, accounting and compliance. The goal is to make these transactions and processes faster, cheaper and better than the traditional solutions on the market.​

The goal of the SME: fintech project is to:​

  • Identify and prepare 20-25 demo cases which other SMEs can use as proof of concept​
  • Develop an advisory tool that can be used to communicate both current and future cases to SMEs

Useful info

  • Article about SME:fintech
  • The project is funded by IF and runs for 2 years.​
  • During the project, Copenhagen Fintech will enter into a number of different collaborations with organizations that are closely associated with and help Danish SME's on a regular basis. ​
  • For more info, contact, tel: +45 24 79 11 28.​

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