Membership & Partnerships

Startup & Scaleup Memberships

Startup Memberships

For teams with 1-10 or 11-50 people

  • Access to member-only thematic events, activities, reports, programs and delegation trips
  • Bi-weekly newsletters and editorials on all thing fintechs
  • Promotion of your fintech for important press releases or product announcements
  • Ad-hoc 1:1 matchmaking to fintechs, partners and the extended ecosystem
  • Option to book Copenhagen or Aarhus offices for events

Yearly price:

  • 5000 DKK for Teams of 1-10
  • 10 000 DKK for Teams of 11-50

Scaleup Memberships

For teams with 50+ and above employees

  • Scaleup memberships include everything from the Startup memberships plus access to partner events (corporate masterclasses, demo days, partner study trips etc.)

Yearly price:

  • 50 000 DKK for Teams of 50+

For more details please write us at

Become an R&D Partner

If you are a knowledge institution (university, university college, business academy or RTO) you can become an R&D Partners with Copenhagen Fintech.

Together with our R&D partners we seek to foster fintech entrepreneurship among students and researchers, strengthen knowledge transfer from academia to industry and support joint innovation activities with external stakeholders including startups and corporates.

As a formal R&D Partner your employees, researchers and students will also get several benefits including access to community events on discounted member rates.

If you would like to know more, please reach out to

Corporate Partners

Strategic R&D Partners

Current Members