Audit/Advisory Connect

Someone once said "Feedback is the breakfast of champions" - If you could benefit from having specialist advice and second eyes on your strategy, would like to better understand types of funding and funding schemes available to you, or have questions on taxation or accounting-related matters, you are in the right place to get help on these matters.

The companies listed below are members of Copenhagen Fintech and part of Audit/Advisory Connect, where they provide probono specialist advice to Fintechs.


  • Thursday, May 2 09:00 - 12:00 - Canute by Thursday
  • Monday, May 6 09:00 - 12:00 - EIFO
  • Tuesday, May 7 09:00 - 12:00 - Microsoft
  • Tuesday, May 14 09:00 - 12:00 - KPMG


Usually last 3 hours, with 30 minute slots for 1:1 meetings.


In-person at Copenhagen- or Århus Fintech Lab or Virtual.


Available to Copenhagen Fintech members and friends of the house.


Please contact Nicolette, Head of Community and Events.

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Advisory on tax, legal and finance

Get support on:
- Infrastructure & advisory services
- Tax & Legal advisory services
- Salary mapping, pension reconciliations, health rate/sickness statistics

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Experts on loans & financing programs

Get support on:
-Loan & financing programs
-Equity investments
-Funding & connecting with business angels

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Experts within legal, compliance, risk management, governance and implementation of financial regulations

Get support on:
- AML, ESG, ICT, DORA, risk management, compliance and general financial regulation
- Outsourcing and co-sourcing solutions
- Implementation and navigation in the financial requirements

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Advisory in assurance, legal, tax & ESG

Get support on:
- Identifying partnership, equity investment or full acquisition opportunities
- Strategies in growing and strengthen your businesses
- Tax and risk management

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Advisory on financial services & data & systems

Get support on:
- Inbooster public funding applications
- Go-to-market strategy- supports Fintech with know-how
- Business & system integration partner

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Advisory on digital transformations and value-creating analyses  

Get support on:
- Guidance on EU public/soft funding programmes
- Expertise from founders & seasoned consultants
- Tailored strategic advice & implementation for growth

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Advisory on tech tools and Microsoft for Startups  

Get support on:

- Technical advice on Azure and product development using OpenAI integrations
- Utilising Microsoft for Startups programs, credit schemes and partner offerings
- Advisory and growth partner for Fintechs and financial institutions

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Advisory on business growth, operation and transformation

Get support on:

- Technology transformation consultation
- Strategy consulting: assurance, law, strategy, tax and transactions
- Climate change and sustainability services

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Offering recruitment guidance for community members to maneuver in the fierce IT talent market.

Get support on:

- Insights on the IT talent market and available IT talent
- Defining your company’s EVP (Employer Value Proposition)
- Designing the best possible recruitment process to target the talent you need to grow

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