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Connecting and enabling partnerships between startups and large financial institutions

Wealth starts with health; Empower your customers future through Healthtech.
Our objective is to develop Denmark as a powerhouse for 'Sustainable Financial Technology' by bridging and enabling partnerships between large companies and early to growth-stage startups with solutions in healthtech and sustainability.

We will facilitate the connection through two streams:

  • Healthtech stream for companies interested in partnerships with financial institutions.
  • Sustainability stream for companies interested in partnerships with financial institutions.


  1. Calling all early to growth-stage healthtech and sustainability companies to register their interest in joining us at the Nordic Fintech Week on Sept 27-28th at Tap 1 in Copenhagen for a series of speed-dating, presentations, and feedback sessions aimed at connecting and facilitating meetups with decision-makers from financial institutions. Deadline for applying is 20/9/2023 before 16:00.
  2. The Healthtech stream will run 45 minutes slots at Copenhagen Fintech’s booth on Sept 27-28th facilitated by Copenhagen Fintech where you will meet decision-makers curious to learn more about the solution you are developing and deploying.
  3. The Sustainability stream will include presentations on successful partnerships between startups and financial institutions aimed at educating both incumbents and founders on the key elements of approach, developing and launching partnerships.
  4. Presentations (25 minutes) from sustainability startups presenting their case to an audience of financial institutions.
  5. Follow-up mentoring meetings with Copenhagen Fintech aimed at walking you through best practices in terms of continuing the conversation and further exploring preliminary interest from the Nordic Fintech Week engagement.

Companies in scope:

We are looking for companies either at an early or growth-stage with an MVP (minimum if early-stage) or live product on the market with customers interested in connecting and exploring partnerships with large financial institutions.

Within the healthtech stream we are looking for attractive, innovative, and engaging digital, hybrid and analogue solutions.


The engagement will take place at the Nordic Fintech Week on Sept 27-28 in Copenhagen at Tap1.

For more information please reach out to Mia Thomsen at and Andrei Anghel (head of programs) at

Nordic Fintech Week is the greatest Fintech gathering in the Nordics and an absolutely fantastic opportunity to network with Fintech interested peers from all around the world. Watch the video and get a sense of the atmosphere from Nordic Fintech Week 2022.


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