Partnership Fast- Track with Danske Bank 2024

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Partner with Danske Bank

The Partnership Fast Track is a process run by Copenhagen Fintech to enable commercial partnerships by matchmaking tech entrepreneurs and large organizations for a proof-of-concept (PoC) with the ambition to co-create a solution and go to market.

In the 2023/2024 edition, we are looking beyond banking, for innovative companies with a product on the market interested in co-creating a product with Danske Bank,  to eliminate any obstacles Danske Bank customers might face within their housing journeys.

Supported by Copenhagen Fintech, the matchmaking process fast-tracks housing tech entrepreneurs through interviews towards a proof-of-concept with Danske Bank in 3 months’ time.


What will future housing services look like, making it easier and more attractive to purchase and manage a home?

Danske Bank is looking for tech entrepreneurs with proven solutions to help conceptualize the next generation of services making it not only easier and attractive to purchase a home, but also to design and manage the property, and ultimately safeguard its valuation.

  • Enhance the experience of purchasing a new home and being a homeowner by eliminating obstacles and reducing friction in the end-to-end process or during specific events.
  • Remove complexity and time consumption when renovating an existing home or building a new one. Preparing construction budgets, managing unforeseen expenses during the building or renovation process, and finding reliable and skilled contractors are common, complex and daunting tasks, often deterring many individuals from getting started, and fulfilling their dream housing projects.
  • Give insights and tools to manage utility budgets. A significant concern for many homeowners is the lack of transparency in utility bills and the challenge of maintaining a balanced utility budget due to unforeseen costs, along with the substantial obstacle to initiating sustainability and energy optimization efforts.

More information about the challenge and process here.


  • The application deadline is on February 6th.
  • After that, companies short-listed by Copenhagen Fintech and Danske Bank will be invited for interviews in the second half of February / first half of March.
  • A month later, selected finalists will be invited to in-depth interviews with Danske Bank representatives.
  • The ‘winner/s’ will be identified and invited to design a PoC with Danske Bank and Copenhagen Fintech.

Questions? Contact Barbara Švigová here.


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