Copenhagen Fintech Delegation - FIN/SUM Tokyo 2023

Start date

March 27, 2023

End date

March 31, 2023

For Danish fintechs looking to attend FIN/SUM Tokyo, engage with partners on the ground and/or build their network in Japan with FI's.

Copenhagen Fintech is organising a fintech delegation to Tokyo, Japan from 27-31 March, 2023 to attend FIN/SUM and host side events to facilitate meetups with financial institutions and banks.

The trip would be facilitated by Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO and Nicolette Tham, Head of Community and Events with support from the Danish Trade Council.

You should sign up if:

  • You are a Danish fintech interested in to attend FIN/SUM and/or engage with partners/network on the ground.
  • You are a fintech based in Tokyo or Japan and/or have an office there and would like to be invited to the side events we are hosting

Preliminary information - What is covered in the trip:

  • A pre-delegation check-in prior to the trip
  • Side networking events during the week with the delegation and extended network of financial institutions and banks
  • Subsidised conference tickets to FIN/SUM for x2 employees per company (TBD, more information to follow)

If you are interested to be a part of the delegation, you are welcome to submit your interest by purchasing a ticket to this delegation. Your attendance is not confirmed and would require email confirmation from the Copenhagen Fintech team.

The trip would be hosted by Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO and Nicolette Tham (, Head of Community and Events at Copenhagen Fintech. Please reach out to Nicolette if you have questions regarding the program for the trip.


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